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Tags, Eyelets, Grommets, Rivets

Over the years the look of tags has changed dramatically. The vision of what a tag should be ranges from the ultimate in environmentally friendly to tags more stunning than the item they get attached to. Whatever your style of tag is, we are here to partner with you to finish your products correctly. Our services include: Elastic & machine knot, Eyelets - Grommets, & Hand assembly of tags

Eyelets, grommets and rivets also make fantastic book binding hardware. Let your imagination go wild and let us bring those thoughts into reality!

Button & String, Metal Clasp

Looking for a unique closure for your next project? The traditional Button & String has been used on envelopes for decades. While envelopes are still using this as a fastener, the design community has found many other applications for the button & string. Many custom button & string options are available to you.

The metal clasp has also been around for years and has changed very little. Whether you are designing a custom folder, envelope, invitation, or any other item that requires a fastener, the metal clasp is versatile and classic.

Japanese Binding, Machine Sewing

Sometimes the traditional binding methods, just do not suit the design and style of the printed items. Japanese binding and
machine sewing are the perfect solutions. There are many different configurations and materials that can be used to perfectly bind and finish your book.

Hand Collate, Stuff, Seal, Shrink Wrap

This service is perfect for the project that needs to be delivered completely finished. We will hand collate posters, brochures, cards, and anything else you can think of. Slip sheet, band, stuff or shrink wrapping are all only a phone call away.

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